A dancer’s dream

A meeting between a dancer and a Photographer. Two artistic worlds meet. A dream of a young girl to become a classical ballerina and a vision of a Photographer to take the classic into a dirty industrial building.

To create a contrast between the beautiful ballet performances at the Royal Opera House and for all the hard work that lies behind all the hours of practice i used this location. In these images I seek expression and as always in all my work, lines. I used Elinchrom Quadra and the existing afternoon light that seeped in through a broken window. The ambient light helped much to create the shadow lines on the floor. With these images, I also want to convey the expressions of my inner world to the artistic soul i have. I have to thank the lovely dancer My Hesser for letting me publish these pics on my blog. All of these images have been part of a photo exhibition 2011. They are among my own favorites. Here is a link to My:s blog  http://visessahon.blogspot.com/2012/01/im-on-my-way-to-believing.html I just love the name: Vi ses, sa hon och blev borta för gott. I will definitely borrow those words some time in an upcoming blog posts. For now: See you, she said and went out IRL.

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